When planning a charity auction, one of the most important tasks is acquiring items that will be sold at the live and silent auctions. The best philosophy is not just getting as many items as possible, but more financially vital is getting the right type of items.

If you are wondering what items sell the best at online silent auction ideas a charity auction, I would have to say from my experiences that unique, one of a kind, or “opportunities of a lifetime” items typically sell well above their actual value at fundraising auctions. That dinner out with a celebrity, mayor, or other prominent person from town, or that one of a kind homemade item that as a special meaning or value, are the items that get the frantic bid wars flowing.

However, other items that can sell well are unique packages designed by you. Many spouses would desire their significant other to dress up for them or help make themselves look beautiful everyday. It might be an awkward topic to bring up, but having it as an item at a charity auction is a great excuse for that spouse to buy it and get what they really desire.

Here is an example of three donated items that could be transformed into one package that could generate a lot more than the individual value of those items:

“The Mommy Makeover”

  • gift certificate at a designer clothing store
  • gift certificate at an high-end hair and nail salon
  • gift certificate at a glamour photo place

This could be the perfect package to wow any couple in the audience and get a few extra bids.